5 Stage Aquatek Alkaline Silver

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Aquatek Silver Water Purifier with Alkaline give you pure and safe Alkaline water that helps you to improve metabolism Alkaline filter that helps balance the body and remove acidic waste.

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AQUATEK USA 5 stage water purifier Alkaline special model maintains the balance of the body. with complete equipment that will make you confident of cleanliness Let you drink fresh Ready to go through a hard working day or even quench your thirst to relieve fatigue all day.

-Save energy,

-Maintains the balance of the body

-Save more money.

-Make your drinking water more comfortable.

Step 1 Sediment Filter Purtrex 5 micron 10” (USA) serves to filter impurities. large, such as Sediment, rust, gravel, sand, mud, moss and different suspensions larger than 5 micron

 Step 2 Filter Block Carbon Aquatek 5 micron 10” Carbon Block Filter is a filtering step To remove chlorine, organic substances and some inorganic substances. Relying on the properties of activated carbon, porous, which can absorb and absorb organic and inorganic substances well. These substances are substances that cause undesirable odors, colours, and tastes. including some substances that cause toxicity in water, such as chlorine, pesticides and hydrocarbons (Carcinogens) etc.

Step 3 Filter Softener Filter Aquatek (Resin Food Grade) Resin Filter is a filtration using the principle of ion exchange through Resin, which is a medium for absorbing limestone solutions (Ca, Mg) and then release a charge of sodium (Na) into the water, making the water that passes through this filter is soft. invite more drinks It also adjusts the water hardness and prevents limestone, which is the cause of gallstones.

Step 4 Filter Alkaline Silver Series 2 (3 in 1) Filter 3 steps in one serves to adjust the water condition. pH and add beneficial minerals Change the particles of water to be smaller, allowing the body to absorb minerals more efficiently.

Step 5 Filter Post Carbon Filter Omnipure (USA) High quality 10 inch carbon water filter in a capsule cylinder. serves to adjust the taste smell and increase the alkalinity of the water So that the water obtained from the filter has a good smell and taste.


 - Easy to install,

-Easy to use. (with installation guide)

- Standard from NSF International –

- Clean and safe drinking water

 - Water capacity 300 liters / day (depending on water pressure)

 - There is an Alkaline water filter, change the Ph value inside the water to add. Up about 1 level

- makes water molecules smaller.

-The body absorbs nutrients better

- Complete set of installation equipment