5 Stage Ceramic

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Is a water purifier focusing on high quality filters Manufactured with grade A material with a filtering resolution of 0.01 microns. It can filter chlorine, germs, various impurities contaminated with water.
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Aquatek Ceramic Water Purifier, 5 step Ceramic system is a water filter. Almost all filters are imported from America (except Resin and Ceramic), resulting in the same filter quality. If Ceramic is the same, this machine will be the best. Suitable for homes, offices, offices that need water filters to filter water for drinking. The 5-step Ceramic filtration system provides water with resolutions up to 0.3 microns. Impurities contaminated with water Effectively Without harmful bacteria to the body and the Ceramic filter can be washed using a soft brush to scrub
1.) Sediment Filter 5 micron 10 "(USA) Filter small impurities such as dust, sediment, suspended matter
2.) Carbon Block 5 micron 10" (USA) Filter sediment, odor, color, taste Chlorine, harmful organic inorganic substances
3.) Softener Filter (FOOD GRADE) Filtration using the principle of ion exchange By passing the resin Suction the solution of limestone (Ca, Mg) releasing sodium ions (Na) to make the water soft and inviting.
4.) Hollow Fiber Membranes to filter organisms And germs contaminated with water, bacteria, rust, various suspended solids Small filter size up to 0.01 microns
5.) Ceramic Filter Aquatek (CRM) is made from fine ceramic material with 0.3 micron porosity, allowing filtering germs contaminated with water, bacteria, rust and various suspended solids.