5 Stage COlandas

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Water filter 5 steps, Colandas brand is a good quality water filter. Suitable for homes, offices, offices that need water filters to filter water for drinking. 5-step water filter is a 5-stage water filter that can clean water with 5 types of filters that will help you drink good quality water without odor and color at a price that is not too high.
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- Good quality products Received international standards
- Easy to use, strong, durable, can be used for a long time
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- Step 1 The coarse PP (Sediment) 5micron filter serves to filter out large impurities such as rust, gravel, sand, mud, algae and suspended solids that are larger than 5micron.
- Step 2 GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filters absorb odors, color, chlorine chemicals with a small scale that allows the surface area to be exposed to water a lot. Resulting in absorbing odor, color, chemicals efficiently
- Step 3. Carbon filter in coarse filter. CIF (Carbon In Filter) acts to filter impurities and absorb odors, colors, chemicals, various impurities. With the feature of synthetic fiber filters, able to extract various impurities That is excellent with water
- Step 4 Post Carbon-Big filter size 12 inch in capsule cylinder Serves to adjust the smell and taste of the water In addition, it also acts to adjust the acidity-alkalinity of the water.
- Step 5 Post Carbon filter Carbon-Small) 10-inch size in the capsule cylinder Responsible for adjusting the taste Smell and add alkalinity to water So that the water from the filter has a good smell and taste