5 Stage Green

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the importance and attention to cleanliness of drinking water It helps improve quality of life. UniPure 5-step water purifier will help you drink more clean water. Is a good quality water purifier, the price is not too high Suitable for homes, offices, offices that need water filters to filter water for drinking. Filter made from quality materials that meet the standards
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Uni Pure Hollow Fiber Water Purifier System UF 5 stages (Green) is a water purifier. Which can clean water after Nano and RO system. Suitable for residence, office, office that want to reduce water cost and still get clean water and good taste. UF filter makes water with resolution up to 0.01 micron. Can filter germs Impurities contaminated with water Effectively Free from harmful bacteria to the body
- Step 1 10-inch Sediment Filter 5 micron Unipure filters the large impurities such as rust, gravel, sand, algae, mud and suspended solids that are larger than 5 Micron. The lifespan is 3-6 months.
- Step 2 10-inch Block Carbon Matrikx 5 micron filter (USA) to get rid of chlorine, some organic, inorganic substances unpleasant odor, color and flavor with a lifetime of 12 months.
- Step 3 10-inch Softener Filter Absolute Resin filter is making the water through this filter smooth Inviting to drink more While also adjusting the water hardness and preventing limestone which is the cause of gallstones Validity 6-12 months
- Step 4.The Hollow Fiber filter has a filter capacity of 0.01 micron, comparable to that of a human 5,000 times smaller than a human. It is capable of filtering dirt, germs and various solvents without electricity. Service life is 12 months.
- Step 5 10 inch Post Carbon CCK filter. High quality 10 inch carbon water filter in capsule cylinder. Serves to adjust the taste Smell and add alkalinity to water So that the water from the filter has a good smell and taste Service life is 12 months