5 Stage Purple

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Unipure water purifier, 5-step version
– Protect bacteria (PTB) system with 5-step filtration system that consists of quality filters.
– Easy to assemble and install.
– Easy to change and clean filter
– Easy and convenient.
  • Specification
- Step 1 PP filter, 12 inches, 5 microns, remove small suspended sediment And increase the efficiency of the filter in the next step.
- Step 2 The Block Carbon filter removes sediment that may come out again. While also eliminating color, odor, and chlorine in the water Feature can remove heavy metals, lead and copper.
- Step 3: Resin filter removes limestone and softens the water, resulting in a smoother, more inviting drink.
- Step 4 Filter, 12 inches Bacteria Filter As small as 0.019 microns, killing various germs Contaminated with water such as Protozoa virus, which causes diarrhea.
- Step 5 Post Carbon filter for odor capture. And the color that may be caused by the above process Before going to consume again