5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 300 GPD (50L/H)

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Reverse Osmosis Systems TRT Structure for commercial applications includes

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarket
  • Many other businesses that must have consistently high-quality water for their daily operations.
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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 300 GPD (Treatton) * Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Filtering Through Tissue Membrane filter size is very small, up to 0.0001 microns, filtered water, this system is a clean water, thus ensuring safety for health.

SafetyDrink 5 Stage Water Filter RO 300 GPD
This RO Water Purifier FRO-300 is suitable for producing large quantities of drinking water. With the size of the filter system design, it can produce about 1000 liters of water per day. In the 300 GPD model, it is suitable for businesses, restaurants, factories and hotels or in homes that require a large amount of RO drinking water. With effective filtering steps up to 5 steps and fine filter 0.0001 microns. The drinking water obtained from the filter is clean, safe, free of odor and germs.
The filtration process is as follows.

  • Step 1 Polypropylene PP filter, small 5 micron, 20 inch size, helps filter dirt size. Small, mixed with water such as dust, sediment, sand, suspended solids
  • Step 2 Active Carbon or Block Carbon, small carbon block, 10 microns, 20 inches, filter sediment, odor, color, organic matter, inorganic substances and insecticides
  • Step 3 Resin filter 20-inch Food Grade helps remove plaque and release sodium charge to reduce water hardness.
  • Step 4 Reverse osmosis The filter size is very small, up to 0.001 microns, thus making the water clean and pure. In the 300 GPD model, there will be 2 2 12 inch membrane cylinders at the back.
  • Step 5 Post Carbon filter, 10 inch carbon powder, is The last step filters chemicals that are toxic to the body such as mercury, arsenic, deodorizing in the water. Adjust the water taste to be more suitable for drinking.


  • Dimension( LxWxH): 41x 25x 82(cm)
  • Filter: PP filter, Carbon Filter, Block carbon 20"
  • RO remembrance: 150 GPD x 2 sets
  • Housing Membrance: 2012 x 2 sets