5 Stage Star Pure RO-200GPD

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Filtration Systems Reverse Osmosis filter through tissue Membrane size filtering very small as 0.0001 micron water through the filtration system is a pure, clean water , ensuring a safe, healthy.

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   RO water purifier model 200GPD  5 stage filtration system by process, the first 3 steps are Pretreatment process which customers can set according to their needs and water quality. Such as PP filter, block carbon filter, GAC carbon filter, step 4, the heart of filtration is a membrane filter. Which has a resolution of 0.0001 microns, which can filter up to 99.99 percent of the solution and germs in the water. Filtered with a Post Carbon filter can eliminate paint odors. solution and germs do not remain making the water clean and purified

Step 1 Sediment Filter 5 micron 10" Filters small suspended sediments mixed with water.

Step 2 Activated Cartridge Filter removes chlorine, organic and some inorganic substances.

Step 3 Block Carbon Cartridge Filter removes unwanted odors, colors, tastes such as chlorine, pesticides. 

Step 4 Reverse Osmosis Membrane, filtration with a resolution of up to 0.0001 microns, thus making the water clean and pure.

Step 5 Post Carbon Inline, the last step serves to filter chemicals that are toxic to the body.

  • There is a 3.2 gallon (12L)  pressure tank to store water and maintain water pressure for water supply.
  • Easy to install and Can be installed under the water bath,
  • Capacity 50 gallons per day (approximately 8 liters / hour)

** The new pressure tank is made of high quality materials. 100% rust prevention**