5 Stage TT R.O

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It is a water purifier that has 5-step filtration systems. The first 3 steps are the pretreatment process. The most important is the reverse osmosis system, which has a resolution as high as 0.0001 microns.
  • Specification
Filter technology
- PP 5 micron 10 inch: Can filter small impurities mixed with water such as dust, sediment, sand, suspended solids
- Carbon Block 5 micron 10 inch: Can filter sediment, odor, color and taste, remove chlorine, organic substances, inorganic substances and harmful pesticides
- Resin 5 micron 10inch: Ionic exchange To remove limestone stains And release the charge that is sodium To reduce the hardness of the water, making the water taste Soft and inviting
- Reverse Osmosis: Can filter by Membrane through tissue filtration, the filter size is very small, up to 0.0001 microns, making the water clean and pure
- Inline Post Carbon 10 inch: Filter chemicals that are toxic to the body such as pesticides, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, organic substances and acts to eliminate odors in the water.