ApZa Anthracite

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For the removal of metal Especially iron solution and add oxygen to the water.
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  • Aza Anthracite Made from anthracite ore that has been carefully selected
  • Properties to store sediment on the outside surface well
  • Can trap various suspensions, store large amount of suspensions
  • Responsible for filling in the filter tank to filter sediment Or suspensions


Is a filter substance produced from natural sand Size selection that is coated with Manganese Oxide Which has the property of Oxidation, iron substance mixed in water To transform into a rusted metal To be filtered from Water again in the next step The filter media is brown. Use potassium permanganate as a regenerating agent.Apza Anthracite water filter is the highest quality coal. Having a glossy black appearance, having a high carbon content of 86-97%, low moisture content which is the least soluble substance Compared to other types of coal Good resistance to chemical corrosion There is also a feature of high-purity coal Good crystallization condition, not brittle, not easily broken, strong and very durable Anthracite has therefore been developed as a water filter that removes sediment. Muck to clean water Which is commonly called "Anthracite water filters" which are most often used in combination with sand filters Can increase the efficiency of filtering water to be higher.