Water Purifier AQUATEK SILVER ( AM100 )

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water purifier UF (Ultrafiltration) filtration system with a resolution of approximately 0.01 micron inside the filter system with Pretreatment to filter sediment, chlorine, color and odor.
* Ultra Filtration system, filtration up to 0.01 fines
* Inline filter from Korea
* Makes space saving
* Easy to assemble and replace filters yourself.
* Smooth design, suitable for wall hanging Convenient and easy to install anywhere
  • Overview
1. Sediment Filter: remove dirt, sand, rust, grit, and other suspended matter from water. Life time: 6 months
2. Carbon Filter: reduction of unwanted taste and odor, such as chlorine. Life time: 6 months
3. Vilfil Membrane: able to filter out small sediment such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Life time: 1 Year
4. Post Carbon: It can improve water tasting quality and remove any traces of chlorine, organic chemicals, bad tastes and odors due to its highly porous activated carbon. Life time: 1 Year