Biosis Activated Carbon ID 1000

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The Coal Based Granular Active Carbon is widely used in food industry, medical treatment, petrochemical, steel making , tobacco, fine chemicals and so on. It is applied to high purity drinking water, industrial water and waste water for the purification such as dechlorinate, discoloration and deodorization.
  • Overview
  • Specification
- Filter the taste, smell, color, organic substances and various residues Contaminated with water Including chlorine, heavy metals, insecticides
- Is a filter material made from coal That has been burnt And give heat Until getting a filter that has a high version
- Filter has a flake or small granule. Black. Size Mesh Size 8 x 30 with ID (Iodine Number) 1000.
- Used for filling in filter tanks or containers To trap color, odor, organic matter, chlorine, heavy metals and some toxic substances
- High Quality Raw Coal
- High Quality Raw Coal
- Superior Adsourptio
- Low ash and Moisture
- High Microporous Structure