• Description


  • Acts for filtering dust, sediment, turbidity, small suspended solids
  • CERAMIC water filter 10 inches, diameter 2.5 inches, 0.3 Micron, Aquatek brand.
  • The end is smooth and has a cap with a rubber sealing gasket on both sides.
  • Can be used with the filter housing.
  • Porosity approx. 0.3 microns. Flow 8 liters / minute at pressure 3 Bar
  • Filters bacteria such as Ecoli, Cholera, Salmonia mixed in water How to clean a ceramic filter When using a ceramic filter for a while On the outer surface, various suspensions are formed. The filter capacity is reduced or the filter is clogged. Water cannot pass or pass less. It can be cleaned with a brush or Scotch Brite to scrub the residue built into the ceramic cartridge. By gently exfoliation the ceramic filling will continue to erode.