Chemicale Flocon 135-25kg Antiscale

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Flocon 135 antiscalant is a high performance liquid product , highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts on seawater membrane unite (SWRO).
  • Overview
  • Specification
Flocon 135 is not affected by chlorine or other oxidizing A bactericides under normal use, and can be used in membrane systems that use chlorine and sodium metasulfite. And also a hydrolyzed and stable, and will not form insoluble sodium or potassium salts. It should be added continuously and proportional to the influent flow to maintain the recommended dosage level.
· Appearance: light yellow liquid
· Solid content: 33-37%(w/w)
· Specific gravity at 20 degrees: 1.17-1.20,
· Freezing point range: 0-(-3) degrees,
· Smell: slight,
· PH: 3.5-4.5
· Boiling point range: 100-103 degrees,