CPP Pentex filter 10″ 1 micron

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Reduce dirt such as sand, clay, slime and rust. Protect machines from the accumulation of sediment.
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  • Specification:
The Pentair / Hydro Filters element is produced with 100% non-toxic polypropylene. The raw material is heated and extruded into small filaments that form the micro pores of the filter element. This process, exclusive to Pentair Hidro Filters, allows highly efficient filtration throughout the product's useful life. It even reduces rust particles that stain clothes and accumulate on equipment. With filtered water, the amount of washing powder is reduced to wash clothes. More security for everyday life, longer life for equipment. Due to its rigid structure, the polypropylene filter element prevents the formation of vicious paths through water.
  • Operating pressure:  2mca min. at 40mca max
  • Operating temperature:  5ºC min. at 70ºC max
  • Composition:  Polypropylene
  • Particle retention:  Class III 
  • Flow rate:  1,200 l/h
  • Filtration degree:  10 microns (a grain of sand is between 200 and 500 microns)
  • Gross weight:  190g
  • Net weight:  160g