Diaphragm Pump SF5248-600

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: This section of the motor structure designed specifically for the RO, part of the high flow rate high pressure junction structure,There is no need to have an inlet water pressure above the basic (0 PSI). The motor can be a positive constant running water to ensure that water can not have visible
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The structure of this motor is specially designed for RO, which belongs to the structure of high flow and high pressure. , The motor is running silently, which is the most suitable for users of apartment-type residential buildings, When the RO machine is placed under the kitchen, the sound of the motor cannot be heard. If the object enters the motor, if debris runs into the motor, it may cause the motor to lose pressure and malfunction. The rubber foot structure designed on the back of the motor, under high flow and high pressure operation
- Inlet: 220V, 50/60 HZ
· Output: DC24V, 5A
· the maximum compressive force 160PSI
· the idle speed of 700 rpm
· flow rate : 4.1 liters per minute
- Pressure Setting: 150PSI
- AMPS: 1.5A- 3.2A