Sediment Filter Cartridge Standard 1.5 x 10″ 5 Micron (តម្រងចាប់កករ)

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 Sediment filter removes anything that’s not liquid, like dirt, debris, or any kind of solid particulate.

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What is a sediment filter cartridge?

Sediment filter cartridge are modular filters, usually installed within a housing unit in the piping of a system. Sediment Filters remove dirt, sand, rust, grit, and other suspended matter from water. Offered in residential to commercial sizes, our sediment filter cartridges can be used with most standard filter housings and as replacements in existing systems or assemblies. Sediment filters can be used as pretreatment to residential and commercial RO systems or as a stand-alone whole-house filter to protect piping and appliances from damage and buildup of dirt.


  • Remove Sand, Silt, Dirt, and Rust Particles
  • Fit in most standard filter housing
  • Variety of material and micron sizes available
  • Ideal for using as pretreatment and RO system
  • High dirt-holding capacity for extended life and fewer changeouts
  • Protect Pipes and equipment from damange and dirt buildup
  • High Capacity


  • Water purification
  • Pre-reverse Osmosis
  • Food and beverage
  • Coffee/Tea Filtration Systems
  • Electronics
  • Fine Chemical
  • Espresso Filtration
  • Fountain Beverage Filtration
  • Ice Filtration
  • Drinking Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Whole House Water Filter Systems
  • Waste Vegetable Oil

Technical Data

  • Material     : Polypropylene
  • Dimension: 10 in x  1.5 in
  • Micron       :  5
  • Packaging : Shrink Wrapped