High Presure RO 5 Stage

Used in RO system with booster pump, fits tubing OD 1/4″.Shuts off booster pump when the water storage tank is full.The automatic switch is controlled by water pressure.
  • Specification
- Body Material: plastic-Fittings: 1/4" compression fitting, easily fitted to 1/4" OD plastic tubing or copper tubing
- Electrical: Normally closed / NC
- Pressure setting: For water pressure, ON at 20 psi (+ 5); OFF at 45 psi (+ 5)This part is pressurized from the manufacturer. You can adjust the pressure setting manually (not recommended if you do not have to right PSI measurement tools), by turning the hex screw on top of the switch. The ON can be adjusted approximately 35 to 55 psi, OFF can be adjusted approximately 15 to 30 psi
- The purpose of installing High Pressure Switch is to turn off the Booster Pump when the tank is full Included: One Tank High Pressure Switch 1/4" Tube Connector + one wire harness