Housing Filter​ Big Boo Clear Image 10 Inch

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Easy to connect multiple housings in one custom whole house water filtration system to fit your specific needs

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Product Description

Applicable With 10” X 4.5” Filter Cartridges Such As (Sold Separately)

  • Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
  • Pleated Washable Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge
  • Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge
  • Special Water Filter Cartridge


  • 10″ Transparent Housing
  • 1” Inlet/Outlet Brass Ports
  • Pressure Relief Button
  • Initial Pressure Drop: 1 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 60 PSI
  • Operating Temperature: 39°F~125°F (4°C~52°C)
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Housing Wrench
  • Set of Screws