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– Robust construction

• Durable components
• Corrosion resistant
• Extended life
• Low maintenance
• Easy to use and operate
This generally occurs after multi-media pre-treatment filtration, before reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, etc. membrane filtration equipment. It is used to filter out fine substances (such as tiny quartz sand, activated carbon particles, etc.), bacteria and other impurities filtered by the multi-media. According to select different use occasions, different filter precision filter elements, In order to ensure the water into RO membrane safe and the quality of outlet water. The working principle is Mechanical filtration using different precision pores of the filter element. all contaminants can be trapped in the filter cartridges surface and in the pores because of the flow direction. As the filtration time increases, the filter element is contaminated by impurities.The running resistance increases, and when the operating pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water reaches 0.1 MPA, the filter element should be replaced. High efficiency, low resistance and easy replacement.
  • this housing use with cartridge filter 30 inch 5pcs