HS 10 Inch SX TS

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– Anti-scale and anti-corrosion conditioning.
– Max life-span: 6 months.
– Remark
– Use a pre-filter to protect the cartridge.
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– Container, end cap and grid: polypropylene.
– Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water.
– Flat seal SX: SEBS with antimicrobial technology.
– Treatment material: polyphosphate crystals
Plastic container filled with polyphosphate crystals for anti-scale water conditioning providing prevention form scale deposit and calcareous incrustation and protection from corrosion for water heaters, washing machines, pipes. The use in combination with Atlas Filtri proportional dosing systems DOSAPROP comply with EU Directive 98/83/CE for the use in drinking water. The use with non-proportional dosing systems DOSAFOS is recommended for non-drinking purposes only.
- Max working temperature __________35°C (95°F)
- Max total hardness _______50°f (500 ppm CaCO3)
- Min working temperature __________4°C (39,2°F)
- Remark - the treated water can be heated up to 75°C - 80°C, above that temperature the polyphosphate loses gradually its effectiveness.