Hydra RSH

The HYDRA RSH well water pre-filter is extremely stable and intended for filtering tap water or well water with 50 mcr backwash filter water filter sand filter house filter pre-filter well filter – self-cleaning filter.


It is connected directly to the house entrance pipe or directly behind the water pump and includes a self-cleaning / backwash pre-filter with 50 microns .

  • Filtration of fine particles (rust, sand, flakes)
  • Filtration and treatment of drinking water, well water, house water and waste water,
  • serves to protect fittings, boilers, pumps, water tanks, washing machines and other technical systems as well as the pipelines.
  • Protect your devices and pipes

-Dimensions: (Height: 390 x Width: 120 x Depth: 107 mm)

-IN / OUT connection made of brass in 3/4 "inch

-Max. Operating pressure: 8 bar (116 psi).

-Min. Operating pressure: 1.8 bar (26 psi)

-Maximum temperature: 45 degrees Celsius

- Max. Recommended flow rate 5000 l / h

- Service life: approx. 12-24 months

- 7 "inch filter dimensions:  173 x 70 x 30 mm


-Water treatment

-Well construction technology

-Chemical industry

-Pharmaceutical industry

-Cosmetic industry

-Surface treatment

-Film and photo industry

-Beverage and food industry


-Industry Paint and lacquer industry

-Petro chemistry

-Laboratory technology