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This LA contributing to a reduction of chlorine, unpleasant flavors and odors and removal of volatile organic compounds.

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  • LA SX plastic filter cartridges with granular activated carbon (GAC)
  • SX cartridges with upper flat antimicrobial gasket and lower grille
  • Can be installed on SX housings, DP, DEPURAL, DEPURAL TOP, BRAVO DP, OASIS DP housings
  • Housing, plates and grilles: polystyrene
  • Gaskets: SEBS with antimicrobial technology
  • Containment sponges: polyurethane
  • Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (176°F)
  • Average duration: 3 months
  • Maintenance: none
  • Use with potable water. Do not use with micro-biologically impure water or of unknown quality
  • Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
  • Reduce chlorine, unpleasant flavors and odors; removal of volatile organic compounds
  • Different models and configurations
  • Gasket reduces bacterial spreading