Magnetic Bathing Facility

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Small molecular conditioning device for bathing. Small-molecule detergent for bathing Jin-using the power of neodymium (NdFeB), by allowing water to pass through strong magnetic fields. The water that has passed the strong magnetic field can make the skin good, resulting in strong health regularly, can be used to treat and prevent many skin diseases and Helps to push the old cells out causing new cells, resulting in clear skin. Make you look young.
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Shower molecules Magnetic Water Bath Magnet HJ-3000 is a water pipe connection device. Acts to adjust the water molecules that flow through the magnetic field to smaller molecules Rich in minerals and have high ozone oxygen make the skin after touching the powerful magnetism fresh. Every cell, molecule, awake. Like natural mineral baths If you regularly shower with magnetic power, your skin will look radiant, radiant, acne blemish looks noticeably lighter. In addition to helping to eliminate germs from the skin Magnetic power also helps to kill germs. Eliminate bacteria Scale in the bathroom as well keeping the bathroom clean at all times
Magnetic bath sticks with the hair salon business protecting chlorine from damage to the hair Reduce the harshness, soft hair, nourish the scalp, both drink and bathe, good health from the inside, young, far away, diseases
Magnet sticks can be installed for watering plants in the garden Helps reduce limestone slag on the groundwater pipeline the plant receives water that contains minerals and oxygen, limestone that remains in the groundwater ready for use. When passed through a permanent magnetic field management system, the 4600 GS becomes a "Calcium Bicarbonate". Our magnetic rods are 90 years old if installed in the outdoors to make the system easy to manoeuvre and simple to install on the ground. After a triple pre-filtering, useful to remove polluting substances, bad odours and flavours, and passage through the osmotic membrane the water is stored in the accumulation tank. Here it is channelled through the granular activated carbon system for a post-filtration and in the remineralizator, thanks to which the organoleptic properties are rebalanced.