Magnetic Machine (HJ-3000)

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Life changing water, Magnets, Water molecule. Do not wait to get sick Take care of yourself to be healthy by drinking water. Characteristics of magnetic power
1. Clean water
2. Mineral water
3. Small moleculewater
4. Soft alkaline water
5. Oxygenated water
6. Negative ion water
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Benefits for human health We wish for a healthy body, and nobody would want to get sick all the time. But illness is not as we think, people will not get sick or less illness, can only prevent. Step by step, contagious disease is a disease that people cannot have excellent protection, including methods. Treatment of diseases:
1. Contagious diseases from touch (tangible)
– Commonly transmitted communicable diseases are: Hepatitis from infection, Bacterial dysentery, Typhoid fever, Cholera. Some parasites.
– Other communicable diseases that are caused by exposure are: hemorrhoids, conjunctivitis, skin infections, etc.
2. The role of the communicable disease prevention product, ie, the pathogenesis that spread from touching. Many diseases caused by touching from unclean hands are the pathogens transmitted to others. Keeping hands clean not contaminated with the spread of germs. It is an important function to cut off the spread of germs, so this powerful magnetic water heater is important to our health back Good health.
Magnetic Machine is clean water which contains minerals, nutrients Alkaline And has high oxygen. Drinking regular magnets will strengthen your physical condition. Magnetic water is water that is powered by neodymium permanent magnetic wave 4600 Gauss to help eliminate microbes and adjust the acidity-alkalinity of the water, increase the amount of minerals and oxygen levels in the water. Magnetic power
• Helps to sleep well
• It is water that will make red blood cells to be strong and healthy.
• Shine skin not wrinkled,
• No blemish,
• looks younger that is because the arterial system is good,
• Good excretory system
• Relieve back pain, waist pain,
• Reduce inflammation of all organs in the body. That is because magnetic water penetrates all parts of the cell. Especially red blood cells
• The cells are strong; the division is good, resulting in all organs of the body to see the results in a period of 2-3 months.
Magnetic water has the following basic properties
1. Prevent osteoporosis
2. Prevent osteoarthritis, gout, kidney stones
3. Control body weight and eliminate excess fat.
4. Prevent chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer and diabetes etc
5. Prevent heart disease and ischemic brain disease
6. The body is stronger Higher immunity
7. Improved allergy symptoms
8. Can allow pets to consume. Which will help reduce various illnesses