Manual Head Softener – Multi-functional Flow Control Valve for Water Treatment Systems

Multi-functional Valve for is the control parts of water softener system, Advantage of this is its easy to install compare to other valves. It is made from reinforced ABS to create enough strength. Inside, it’s high-flat, corrosion free seal technology ensure each position open, close reliable. Our Control Valve is designed for water softener system with 5 working status, service, backwash, brine & slow, brine refill and fast rinse. Whole system can be operated under pressure, no water shut off requested.
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  • Specification
· Inlet/outlet: 1”
. Size: 128x160x172mm
· Drain: 1/2”
· Tank Suitable: 6”-18” FRP Tank (sofener)
· Brine: 3/8"
· Base: 2.5”-8UN
· Central pipe: 1.05”
· Flow rate: Max. 4T/h