R.o membrane 4040 Ultratec

Able to filter all water solutions
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RO-membrane, Reverse Osmosis, Ultratek brand 2,200 GPD Is a Reverse Osmosis Thin Film Composite Membrane made from Polyamide (PA), with a membrane sheet Wrapped around the core, Spiral, filters Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) from the water. It has the ability to filter up to 0.0001micron, approximately 500,000 times smaller than human hair. It is the cleanest water filter system today. It has the ability to eliminate more than 99% of various solutions. It is able to completely eliminate chemicals, viruses and various impurities. Product Information: - RO membrane has the ability to filter up to 0.0001micron - filter impurities And aqueous solution up to 99%. - Suitable water conditions: tap water, groundwater and brackish water.
1.Capacity: 2,400 gallons / day
2.Filter size is 4 "x 40"
3.Pressure of 225 psi (Test Condition)