Refined Salt

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Refined salt for swimming pool, washing, resin filter

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– 97.5% pure salt without iodine, containing 25 kg
– Clean, free from impurities No sludge of sandy soil, mud, the quality of brine is very clear.
– Low hardness, harmless to aquatic animals
– Pure salt For washing ION Exchange Resin filter or softener filter in softener
– White fine salt No black powder impurities
– No iodine
– 1 bag contains 25 kg
Resin washing salt, salt is not dry, moisture content 2.5%. Features of pure salt- white, clean, free from impurities. No need to go through the filtering process after dissolving
- without any microbes Because through evaporation at a temperature of 120 degrees
- fine grain salt Uncluttered Easy to use And save energy in filtering
- Reduces wear and scratches to machinery Caused by the incorporation of fine granular salt
- Has low humidity and does not evolve during storage
- Price stable, not fluctuating according to the season. Because of the world class quality Thus making sure that we can easily calculate the amount of product needed
- Dissolves without any residue