Resin Filter Sediment 10″


  • Complete clean water, good peace of mind,
  • Healthy living
  • Natural coconut shell activated carbon
  • Prevent various chronic diseases
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Resin filter,a reversible chemical reaction between ions water and solid ion, when some of the ionic liquid is ion exchange solid like will be ion exchange adsorption, in order to maintain electroneutrality of the solution. Therefore, the ion exchange solid must release equivalent ion in the solution, thereby softening water scale.

1.High quality ion exchange resin as raw material
2.High effective removal of harness material in the water, like Ca, Mg, etc.
3.Wide applications : filtration for potable water filtration, industrial, commercial & food service, medical water, surface preparation, electroplating solution, camera developer, etc.
4.Available in a wide range of lengths & types for choice.


  • Specifications ion exchange resin filter
  • Strongly acidic cation exchange resin
  • Use for drinking water softening and desalination
  • The resin filter cartridge usually used as the least
  • Replace period: 6-9 months depending on water quality