RO Membrane Global Aqua 100GPD

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GlobalAqua™ household RO membrane elements for drinking water are one of the most reliable and consistent NSF Certified products with high flow rate and excellent salWejection rate. A wide selection ranges from 24 gpd to 100 gpd, along with advanced membrane technology and precisely-controlled element rolling, we are confident that GlobalAqua™ high performance RO membranes are ideal for your residential or light commercial use.
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  • Specification
· Polyamide thin film composite
· Replacement membrane CSM, axeon, DOW movies TEC, GE, and other 1.8 x 12 membrane elements
· 98% stable salt exclusion Minimum exclusion 96
· Dry membrane element shelf lasts for a long time
· Membrane Dimensions Housing is a standard 2 ID membrane