Unipure Auto Switch control

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Used to control the water level in all types of water tanks. Can control both the highest level And the lowest level
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UNIPURE Float Switch Electric Float Switch for water level control Water pump coin operated model NO.108 Features Made of quality materials, strong, durable, safe, with 2 floating balls connected in series or parallel. Used for controlling the water level in the water tank. Water vending machines, water wells to be in the position as high or low as needed. Can be used directly Convenient operation with 220V electric current A. Or used with a pump with no more than 2 forces, which can be controlled at a high level Low by adjusting the distance that the orange ball can determine whether to pump in or out 60-80% more energy-saving than normal switches, safe from short circuit and fire. Convenient installation, not complicated. How to install, assemble, install on the water tank to be vertical only If installed on a pond, use a right angle bracket. The switch has 2 cont-actors. In case of water pumping - use terminals A1 and A2. When the water is full, the buoy level will float. The internal switch will break the circuit. The water pump will stop working. In the case of pumping out water - use terminals B1 and B2, when the water is full, the buoy will float. Internal switch will connect the circuit The water pump will start to work.