• Overview
  • Specification
- Excellent purifying efficiency: it supply clean and pure water that pass qualified WACO Corp filtration system
- Convenience: there is assistance faucet (optional) that can extract water contiguously and a lot of abstractions are convenient
- Harmonious design: graceful design and color harmony make harmonious indoor atmosphere
- Burn prevention function: safety device checks hot water extraction by wrong operating of child
-Highlight your space with its soft LED light
- Possible to beautiful space production with soft LED light and various color design.
· Dimension: 310(W)x 260(D)x 1115(H)
· Model: W2- 170p · Voltage: 220V- 240V
· Consumption: 430 Wat · Made in: Korea
· Capacity: Hot 2 Liters/ Cold: 3Liters
· Machine Type: Reverse Osmosis System
· Filter system: 4 · Machine Type: UF