Water Purifier 4 stages AQUATEK_SILVER N-TOP

Features: It is a water filter. With a filtration resolution of 0.01 microns that can filter pathogens Various impurities contaminated with water Effectively
  • Overview
Water Filter is based on
1.) Sediment Filter 5 micron 10 ”filters small impurities such as dust, sediment, suspended solids. Life time 6- 10 months
2.) Pre-Carbon Filter 5 micron 10 "filters sediment, odor, color, taste, chlorine, harmful inorganic organic substances. Life time 6- 10 months
3.) Hollow Fiber Membranes(RO 50GPD) filter living organisms. And germs contaminated with water, rust bacteria, Various suspensions Filtration sizes as small as 0.01 microns.. Life time 18 months
4.) Post Carbon Filter 5 micron 10 "The final step in the filtration of mercury, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, organic matter. Life time 12 months